Keeping Busy!

What an adventure it has been!

Over the past few months we have tasted and learnt so much more of the technical, passion and tradition that goes into creating products.

We have tried the very best imported Italian products and hand selected a range to share with your kitchen! We have tried dozens of pastas, olive oils from the alps up north to the warm harvests down south in Sicily. The best cherry tomatoes, ready to use sauces and the prestigious DOP San Marzano tomato. We have found some products that are still made the original way such as polenta capturing the maximum amount of flavour and as much organic Italian products from pasta to sauce to olive oil and everything in between!

Some interesting and different products and infused balsamics and oils – we have every angle covered to enhance your next cooking creation!

So we share with you our hand selected range of products because one you have tasted – you too will say “there is a difference!”

2015 will be exciting for pappardelle pantry as we offer you another premium hand selected Italian beverage (both alcoholic and non alcoholic) range as well as extending our food range so please join us on the journey as we open our pantry to you!


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