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The market industry/concept has been a part of our culture since the start of civilization. From the market culture in South East Asia, to the village markets throughout the small towns in Europe to the ones home in Australia.


My perception of markets growing up were either the fish or veg markets where we would go weekly to buy fresh produce for the restaurant or the ones where people would sell second hand “junk” – old CDs and used books, bits and pieces and old tea spoons from different towns throughout bush land Australia!



Over the past five years I have noticed a second wind for the market trade – all these funky markets in trendy suburbs. The SMH Growers Market in Pyrmont, Carriageworks in Eveleigh. One of the originals in Rozelle – the Orange Grove Market, Moore Park has a beautiful market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Out in the west of Sydney, Fairfield and Liverpool have great followings at their produce market.


A trend has emerged with people being more educated with food’s nutritional values and being more conscience on the long term health effects of junk food. People are more inclined now to focus on a well balance diet and their need for high quality produce and goods are in demand. We are more adventurous and knowledgeable in food.


As an example, there are so many more types of potatoes, onions, garlic and carrots available. It really is amazing the large array of fruit and veg available all year round – pesticide free and even more flavorsome than mass harvested veg found in the large super market chains. We also are more inclined to pay more for a product locally grown or jarred. It seems Australians are regaining their patriotic ways and supporting the local market instead of selling out to cheaper mass-produced foreign products!


Going for a shop through these organic markets on a Saturday morning is become a ritual for my partner and I. We get up early, have a coffee and read the paper then we head off to the one our favorite markets (we have a few). Last weekend we went to Eveleigh Market – we brought some kale and beetroot for our morning juices and sampled some artisan breads and cheese as well as other yummy things! It is such a great example of the foundations that built what we call home today – you have the latest trends from the Vietnamese who migrated 30 years ago. The Italians have their traditions and the Middle Eastern stalls showcase their specialties. It is beautiful watching all walks of life, mingling and stepping in the unknown and trying flavors they wouldn’t normally find in a regular supermarket environment. You are constantly learning new methods, flavors and spices, drinks, teas, breads, cheese. The list goes on – there is so much variety and hats must be taken off to the organizers who have controlled a well balanced market place!


I find so much pleasure seeing these market places so busy and people supporting local producers and in my opinion the popularity of MKR and Master Chef has created this need for food and us to be more knowledgeable savvy. This has rolled into the print media of the SMH Good Food section and the Taste pull out in the Daily Tele. We are now constantly with food – good food!

I am not big on Master Chef but it is one of the highest rated shows on TV but the Good Living is read my partner and myself read religiously! So it is great seeing all this emphasis on good food and in the long run we will all be healthier and happier within ourselves!


To say the least, it is a real joy and I feel in years to come the market culture will become as Australian as the meat pie and fish and chips!



If you have not been to one of these local organic markets, do yourself a favor and CHECK THEM OUT!


Heres my TOP 3….


first saturday of every month

Pyrmont Bay Park 7-11am



Eveleigh Matket @ Carriageworks from 8am



2-8 Perry St Lillyfield from 7am