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Part 3….
The Spark In The Pantry

I have taken you through a journey of our passion for Italian food, growing up in restaurants and sharing our family traditions and specialties. The next path was paved by YOU – demanding we sell our chilli pastes, green tomatoes and olives, garlic jams and other Italian goodies you don’t see in the local supermarket!
A lot of our friends are moving out of home now, newly weds starting their own lives and we get invited to kitchen tea parties and through these celebrations our friends slowly build there kitchens. (Isnt that the idea of one?) Some get new pots and pans, tupper wear, others give cutlery and glass wear while the luckier ones receive microwaves and coffee machines! I would sit in amaze seeing how many different things people get for their kitchen. Knowing the sort of stuff friends receive, and to be honest, some of the stuff barely gets used! (I am sure you have received your fair share of useless house warming gifts!)
So instead of giving just another gift, I created a little “start up kit” for their pantry consisting of an array of necessities such as peeled tomatoes (so they can make a yummy sauce in one of the pots someone else got them) extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Modena (to drizzle over a salad), some fun pasta shapes, a fine Barolo wine anyway I am not going to go on about it but you get the drift. My friends were amazed and shocked at the little hamper boxes I would create and giving as a house warming gift!
I found it humorous that their kitchen cubbords are jam packed while their pantry and fridge was EMPTY, so my gifts was to help kick start their pantry!
They would call and thank me when they had little time to prepare a meal and the goodies in our “start up kit” hamper was a life saver! Then another call would follow wanting to buy more for me!
So through Pappardelle Pantry, you too will be able to give an Italian hamper with the finest products and wines as a gift for any occasion! There will be gluten free baskets, “start-up” kits and wine hampers. They will be on display in the restaurant very soon so keep an eye out for them!

So there you have it – Pappardelle Pantry is a combination of an online wine store, boutique “e-supermercato” and an Italian hamper specialist as well as a source of interesting Italian culinary facts, recipes and family memories!

We are looking at a couple sites at some of Sydney’s best growers markets – keep an eye on our blog or ask us the next time your in at pappardelle ristorante where you can find us!

We are excited for this new venture and would love your feedback, support and suggestions! We listen to the needs of you and that is why Pappardelle Pantry has been fast tracked!