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A lot of people have asked what sparked Pappardelle Pantry and it has been a combination of very different factors. Over the coming days I would like to share my story of the evolution of the dream and legacy my sister and I have made to make Pappardelle Pantry a reality!

My sister and I have grown up working (and still working) in our family restaurants. We are all located at Pappardelle Ristorante in Haberfield ( for those who don’t know but haberfield is a little “paese” less than 8km out of Sydney’s CBD where Italian is the primary language in some pockets of the suburb!). We have been on an Italian culinary journey with our parents and grandparents without us even realising!

We have been learning slowly throughout our lives about FOOD – Italian food! We see so many people walk into our restaurant with such a passion for the food from our heritage! We have noticed almost EVERYONE loves Italian food – we have people from all walks of live, older people, the young ones who have grown up watching shows such as Master Chef and MKR. We have gotten to know a lot of Asian and Middle Eastern people who have been game enough to try our food and have trusted us to educate them of the simple flavours of Italian cooking. The olive oils and balsamics, all the different shapes in the world of pasta, our rice – Risotto! The sauces and spices, bread! All the things that make Italian food, simply Italian and in my opinion THE BEST CUSINE IN THE WORLD!

Our parents have taken us on several food safaris back to the motherland. We have been to Tuscany for the olive oils and wine, we’ve been to the food markets down the back streets of Florence, the balsamic’s from Modena! We love Italian food!

We have cooked with mum, dad, Nonno and Nonna and had so much fun in the kitchen learning family recipes which we share with our guests in the restaurant. So many of our guests have loved so many things we considered “normal” to have in the fridge at home!

Our pickled eggplants and green tomatoes, our Mums chilli jam (careful as mum loves her chilli HOT!), our green olives, garlic pastes and our Nonna’s gnocchi!

So the first spark was created by YOU, our guests of Pappardelle Ristorante. We have let you try our green tomatoes and people have wanted to buy jars from us. We did not have the time to jar them up but we are looking at doing so VERY SOON (so look out for them!)
Mum has always wanted to share he little Knicks knacks with your fridge to make your next Panino with provalone and mortadella that little bit more yummy for a long time so my sister and I want to make her legacy a reality through Pappardelle Pantry.
Our dad spends days making his own green olives. – they are amazing and those who’ve had them know what I am talking about!
These are a great little appetisers we use at home before we eat our meals with a bit of bread and olive oil.

We love how food has kept our family so close and passionate through out our lives and want to share these two items as well as others with you, your family and kitchen so you too can use the joys food in an Italian way!

That was one of the reasons Pappardelle Pantry will be coming soon so look out of the site and ask us next time you visit our family at Pappardelle Ristorante!