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Blog 2
So I have told you about our PASSION for food, growing up in restaurants, learning our family traditions, going back and forth from Italy – learning and falling in LOVE again and again discovering new stuff that we share with our clients at Pappardelle Ristorante.

For example, fregola sarda. Your probably wondering “what the hell is that”! Well to describe it, it is similar to a risotto/couscous but very different. It looks in between “pastina” (the small little pasta our mum used to put in our soup in winter when we were children) and a risotto! In essence it is a semolina dough that is toasted. Simple but beautiful.

At Pappardelle Ristorante we did the dish with squid ink, peas and cuttle fish – it was an amazing dish. While the traditional way back in Sardegna is with mussels and Napoletana sauce.

A lot of people didn’t know Fregola existed and after trying it wanted to know where they could find it so they could cook it at home. I wasn’t aware that it is hard to find!

Another interested product from Sardegna is Bottarga – again your asking – what’s that?! Well Bottarga is a salted cured mullet roe but it is done in a very traditional way – taking weeks to cure. The flavours are strong and only a small amount is needed on a plate of pasta or a nice piece of grilled fish. The same principal goes for a high quality EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). Drizzled over a simple Caprese salad will bring explosions of flavours with every bite! Yum!

At Pappardelle Ristorante, we have always loved cooking Italian a little different, using goods that other restaurants may not experiment with and our clients love trying different flavours so these curious food loves have asked us where to FIND the items you don’t normally find in the local super market.

So with our clients DEMANDING our chilli jams and green tomatoes as well as other hard to find boutique Italian regional goodies we thought, let’s bring these wonderful things of our Italian heritage under a one-stop online shop umbrella as Pappardelle Pantry!

Our MISSION at Pappardelle Pantry is to create a true Italian online “supermercato” offering the ESSENTIALS needed in your pantry while not forgetting your wine racks!

Food and wine is as much a part of our culture as Football and Siestas, Prada and Gucci! Eat good, look good, drink good AND live good – that is the Italian way!

So over the next few months we will hand select some of the best Italian wines available in Australia, bringing them direct to your door.
Hopefully YOU are slowly getting the gist of Pappardelle Pantry – great wines, house made family dishes, organic pasta and ready to use sauces. Risottos and peeled tomatoes to make your own sauces, marinated olives as well as a gluten free range full of flavour. Truffles, organic olive oils and balsamic… I could go on and on but I’ll save more for the next blog. It’s time to indulge your taste buds with what Pappardelle Pantry will be offering YOU!