Firstly I wanted to wish you all a very happy Australia Day,
I have spent mine indoors on this wet day in Terrigal! 😦

Just a quick apology for my absence of blogs lately!

So we have been fine tuning http://www.pappardellepantry.com.au so we can finally launch! To be very honest, we underestimated the amount of work that goes into creating a website! But now, we can confirm we are on the final straight and shouldn’t be too far away (I no longer want to put a time frame on it as every time i do it seems like a jinx!)

Anyway follows – stick in their and in the meanwhile, visit our holding page and send us your details and we will notify you when were live!! 🙂


IN THE MEAN WHILE after a successful Christmas with out Gourmet Italian Gift Hampers, we have created a his and her hamper for Valentines day!
You know what they say…. The way to a persons heart it through their stomach!

www.pappardellepantry.com.au dani@pappardellepantry.com.au


For info, email dani@pappardellepantry.com.au – we deliver Australia wide.

NOW YOUR PROBABLY CURIOUS to what is in the hamper….
So for the version for the ladies, we have an amazing Prosecco, a couple flutes and the ingredients for a fine Italian antipasto picnic.
While the gents one consists of a great Chianti and a couple of wines glasses. An assortment for a perfect antipasto picnic.
Both deliver in an insulated picnic basket!

Wine, Picnic basket, Good Italian food – WHAT MORE COULD ONE ASK FOR! 😛

www.pappardellepantry.com.au dani@pappardellepantry.com.au


Sydney Organic Market Culture


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The market industry/concept has been a part of our culture since the start of civilization. From the market culture in South East Asia, to the village markets throughout the small towns in Europe to the ones home in Australia.


My perception of markets growing up were either the fish or veg markets where we would go weekly to buy fresh produce for the restaurant or the ones where people would sell second hand “junk” – old CDs and used books, bits and pieces and old tea spoons from different towns throughout bush land Australia!



Over the past five years I have noticed a second wind for the market trade – all these funky markets in trendy suburbs. The SMH Growers Market in Pyrmont, Carriageworks in Eveleigh. One of the originals in Rozelle – the Orange Grove Market, Moore Park has a beautiful market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Out in the west of Sydney, Fairfield and Liverpool have great followings at their produce market.


A trend has emerged with people being more educated with food’s nutritional values and being more conscience on the long term health effects of junk food. People are more inclined now to focus on a well balance diet and their need for high quality produce and goods are in demand. We are more adventurous and knowledgeable in food.


As an example, there are so many more types of potatoes, onions, garlic and carrots available. It really is amazing the large array of fruit and veg available all year round – pesticide free and even more flavorsome than mass harvested veg found in the large super market chains. We also are more inclined to pay more for a product locally grown or jarred. It seems Australians are regaining their patriotic ways and supporting the local market instead of selling out to cheaper mass-produced foreign products!


Going for a shop through these organic markets on a Saturday morning is become a ritual for my partner and I. We get up early, have a coffee and read the paper then we head off to the one our favorite markets (we have a few). Last weekend we went to Eveleigh Market – we brought some kale and beetroot for our morning juices and sampled some artisan breads and cheese as well as other yummy things! It is such a great example of the foundations that built what we call home today – you have the latest trends from the Vietnamese who migrated 30 years ago. The Italians have their traditions and the Middle Eastern stalls showcase their specialties. It is beautiful watching all walks of life, mingling and stepping in the unknown and trying flavors they wouldn’t normally find in a regular supermarket environment. You are constantly learning new methods, flavors and spices, drinks, teas, breads, cheese. The list goes on – there is so much variety and hats must be taken off to the organizers who have controlled a well balanced market place!


I find so much pleasure seeing these market places so busy and people supporting local producers and in my opinion the popularity of MKR and Master Chef has created this need for food and us to be more knowledgeable savvy. This has rolled into the print media of the SMH Good Food section and the Taste pull out in the Daily Tele. We are now constantly with food – good food!

I am not big on Master Chef but it is one of the highest rated shows on TV but the Good Living is read my partner and myself read religiously! So it is great seeing all this emphasis on good food and in the long run we will all be healthier and happier within ourselves!


To say the least, it is a real joy and I feel in years to come the market culture will become as Australian as the meat pie and fish and chips!



If you have not been to one of these local organic markets, do yourself a favor and CHECK THEM OUT!


Heres my TOP 3….


first saturday of every month

Pyrmont Bay Park 7-11am



Eveleigh Matket @ Carriageworks from 8am



2-8 Perry St Lillyfield from 7am

Part 3… Apologies for the delay! :P


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Part 3….
The Spark In The Pantry

I have taken you through a journey of our passion for Italian food, growing up in restaurants and sharing our family traditions and specialties. The next path was paved by YOU – demanding we sell our chilli pastes, green tomatoes and olives, garlic jams and other Italian goodies you don’t see in the local supermarket!
A lot of our friends are moving out of home now, newly weds starting their own lives and we get invited to kitchen tea parties and through these celebrations our friends slowly build there kitchens. (Isnt that the idea of one?) Some get new pots and pans, tupper wear, others give cutlery and glass wear while the luckier ones receive microwaves and coffee machines! I would sit in amaze seeing how many different things people get for their kitchen. Knowing the sort of stuff friends receive, and to be honest, some of the stuff barely gets used! (I am sure you have received your fair share of useless house warming gifts!)
So instead of giving just another gift, I created a little “start up kit” for their pantry consisting of an array of necessities such as peeled tomatoes (so they can make a yummy sauce in one of the pots someone else got them) extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Modena (to drizzle over a salad), some fun pasta shapes, a fine Barolo wine anyway I am not going to go on about it but you get the drift. My friends were amazed and shocked at the little hamper boxes I would create and giving as a house warming gift!
I found it humorous that their kitchen cubbords are jam packed while their pantry and fridge was EMPTY, so my gifts was to help kick start their pantry!
They would call and thank me when they had little time to prepare a meal and the goodies in our “start up kit” hamper was a life saver! Then another call would follow wanting to buy more for me!
So through Pappardelle Pantry, you too will be able to give an Italian hamper with the finest products and wines as a gift for any occasion! There will be gluten free baskets, “start-up” kits and wine hampers. They will be on display in the restaurant very soon so keep an eye out for them!

So there you have it – Pappardelle Pantry is a combination of an online wine store, boutique “e-supermercato” and an Italian hamper specialist as well as a source of interesting Italian culinary facts, recipes and family memories!

We are looking at a couple sites at some of Sydney’s best growers markets – keep an eye on our blog or ask us the next time your in at pappardelle ristorante where you can find us!

We are excited for this new venture and would love your feedback, support and suggestions! We listen to the needs of you and that is why Pappardelle Pantry has been fast tracked!


The Spark in the Pantry (Part 2)


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Blog 2
So I have told you about our PASSION for food, growing up in restaurants, learning our family traditions, going back and forth from Italy – learning and falling in LOVE again and again discovering new stuff that we share with our clients at Pappardelle Ristorante.

For example, fregola sarda. Your probably wondering “what the hell is that”! Well to describe it, it is similar to a risotto/couscous but very different. It looks in between “pastina” (the small little pasta our mum used to put in our soup in winter when we were children) and a risotto! In essence it is a semolina dough that is toasted. Simple but beautiful.

At Pappardelle Ristorante we did the dish with squid ink, peas and cuttle fish – it was an amazing dish. While the traditional way back in Sardegna is with mussels and Napoletana sauce.

A lot of people didn’t know Fregola existed and after trying it wanted to know where they could find it so they could cook it at home. I wasn’t aware that it is hard to find!

Another interested product from Sardegna is Bottarga – again your asking – what’s that?! Well Bottarga is a salted cured mullet roe but it is done in a very traditional way – taking weeks to cure. The flavours are strong and only a small amount is needed on a plate of pasta or a nice piece of grilled fish. The same principal goes for a high quality EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). Drizzled over a simple Caprese salad will bring explosions of flavours with every bite! Yum!

At Pappardelle Ristorante, we have always loved cooking Italian a little different, using goods that other restaurants may not experiment with and our clients love trying different flavours so these curious food loves have asked us where to FIND the items you don’t normally find in the local super market.

So with our clients DEMANDING our chilli jams and green tomatoes as well as other hard to find boutique Italian regional goodies we thought, let’s bring these wonderful things of our Italian heritage under a one-stop online shop umbrella as Pappardelle Pantry!

Our MISSION at Pappardelle Pantry is to create a true Italian online “supermercato” offering the ESSENTIALS needed in your pantry while not forgetting your wine racks!

Food and wine is as much a part of our culture as Football and Siestas, Prada and Gucci! Eat good, look good, drink good AND live good – that is the Italian way!

So over the next few months we will hand select some of the best Italian wines available in Australia, bringing them direct to your door.
Hopefully YOU are slowly getting the gist of Pappardelle Pantry – great wines, house made family dishes, organic pasta and ready to use sauces. Risottos and peeled tomatoes to make your own sauces, marinated olives as well as a gluten free range full of flavour. Truffles, organic olive oils and balsamic… I could go on and on but I’ll save more for the next blog. It’s time to indulge your taste buds with what Pappardelle Pantry will be offering YOU!


The Spark in the Pantry (Part 1)


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A lot of people have asked what sparked Pappardelle Pantry and it has been a combination of very different factors. Over the coming days I would like to share my story of the evolution of the dream and legacy my sister and I have made to make Pappardelle Pantry a reality!

My sister and I have grown up working (and still working) in our family restaurants. We are all located at Pappardelle Ristorante in Haberfield ( for those who don’t know but haberfield is a little “paese” less than 8km out of Sydney’s CBD where Italian is the primary language in some pockets of the suburb!). We have been on an Italian culinary journey with our parents and grandparents without us even realising!

We have been learning slowly throughout our lives about FOOD – Italian food! We see so many people walk into our restaurant with such a passion for the food from our heritage! We have noticed almost EVERYONE loves Italian food – we have people from all walks of live, older people, the young ones who have grown up watching shows such as Master Chef and MKR. We have gotten to know a lot of Asian and Middle Eastern people who have been game enough to try our food and have trusted us to educate them of the simple flavours of Italian cooking. The olive oils and balsamics, all the different shapes in the world of pasta, our rice – Risotto! The sauces and spices, bread! All the things that make Italian food, simply Italian and in my opinion THE BEST CUSINE IN THE WORLD!

Our parents have taken us on several food safaris back to the motherland. We have been to Tuscany for the olive oils and wine, we’ve been to the food markets down the back streets of Florence, the balsamic’s from Modena! We love Italian food!

We have cooked with mum, dad, Nonno and Nonna and had so much fun in the kitchen learning family recipes which we share with our guests in the restaurant. So many of our guests have loved so many things we considered “normal” to have in the fridge at home!

Our pickled eggplants and green tomatoes, our Mums chilli jam (careful as mum loves her chilli HOT!), our green olives, garlic pastes and our Nonna’s gnocchi!

So the first spark was created by YOU, our guests of Pappardelle Ristorante. We have let you try our green tomatoes and people have wanted to buy jars from us. We did not have the time to jar them up but we are looking at doing so VERY SOON (so look out for them!)
Mum has always wanted to share he little Knicks knacks with your fridge to make your next Panino with provalone and mortadella that little bit more yummy for a long time so my sister and I want to make her legacy a reality through Pappardelle Pantry.
Our dad spends days making his own green olives. – they are amazing and those who’ve had them know what I am talking about!
These are a great little appetisers we use at home before we eat our meals with a bit of bread and olive oil.

We love how food has kept our family so close and passionate through out our lives and want to share these two items as well as others with you, your family and kitchen so you too can use the joys food in an Italian way!

That was one of the reasons Pappardelle Pantry will be coming soon so look out of the site and ask us next time you visit our family at Pappardelle Ristorante!